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  • Cali is recognied as one of the top cities for salsa dancing, and the Escorts of Cali are as hot as the Salsa!
    This large city provides an excellent mix of sophisticated Escorts with a beautiful blend of the cultures and heritage of the area.
    Cali is a perfect city for all gentlemen looking for a mix of big city night life with a slightly slower pace then that found in Bogotá or Medellin.
    Founded in 1536, Cali is Colombia’s third largest city and was a sleepy little mountain town until the sugar and coffee industries brought prosperity to the region.
    To this day Cali is a prosperous city offering an excellent mix of culture and natural beauty.

Overview of Cali

  • Cali is located the Colombian Andes in the countries southwestern region.
    While located at 3,264 feet above sea level, Cali's average temperate is around 73.4°F, with daily highs around 82° degrees.
    Cali has two dry seasons, from December to March and again in July and August.
  • The Women of Cali are referred to as Calena's.
    The Calena's are an exotic mix of the local cultures.
    Due to the warmer temperate of Cali, the dress is more casual than in Bogota or Medellin.

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